Gullands Solicitors

Gullands Solicitors

Gullands Solicitors offers a full range of legal services for businesses of all sizes. Our team of experienced corporate and commercial solicitors work together to provide the best and most cost-effective solutions to your legal needs. Whether you are just setting out on your journey running a business, or if you are an established business looking for a fresh approach, we can meet all your legal requirements.

Smart advice

Straightforward and smart advice. We will provide an honest assessment of your legal needs and a proactive plan for meeting them. We are an extra resource for you and your team, on hand to give you and your business the right advice, when needed.

​Available and responsive to your needs

Our team are easily accessible either in person, by phone or email, providing clients with a fast response and ensuring deadlines are met.

Cost effective and transparent billing

We will clearly set out the options available to you, the work which will be carried out for you to get the job done and how much it will cost. We will keep you updated on the sometimes-unforeseeable circumstances that might impact on costs.

Friendly and approachable​

We are a friendly and approachable team interested in your business being a success. We invest our time in building great relationships and will keep you up to date with news that may be of interest to you about the law and the sector you work in.

Experts in our field​

We are experts in our field and will build a detailed understanding of your business needs so we can tailor our legal advice to you.

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