Kreston Reeves signs carbon accounting partnership with Ecologi Zero

Accountants, business and wealth advisers Kreston Reeves has signed a partnership with impactful environmental organisation Ecologi and their free carbon accounting tool, Ecologi Zero.

It is a partnership that will help clients of Kreston Reeves better understand and ultimately reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The partnership will make available to businesses a platform that enables them to build a detailed picture of their greenhouse gas emissions based on key financial information. It is free for businesses to use and is designed to remove barriers and make it easier to accurately measure emissions, making it much easier to take climate action and start their net-zero journey.

James Peach, Partner and Head of Climate Action at Kreston Reeves said: “Kreston Reeves is committed to being a sustainable and socially conscious adviser, and our partnership with Ecologi Zero is a key part of our sustainability journey. Through Ecologi’s platform, we have funded the planting of over 34,000 trees and have offset 1,616 tonnes of CO2e through supporting carbon avoidance projects.

“We are thrilled to deepen the partnership we now have with Ecologi Zero, introducing them to our clients so they too can start and accelerate their sustainability journeys.”

Elliot Coad, CEO and cofounder of Ecologi said: “To reach net-zero by 2050, we need businesses, government and wider society to urgently come together to reduce emissions. Through Ecologi Zero™, we’re able to build trust around the decarbonisation process, showing businesses that taking climate action can be simple and rewarding – with no prior experience needed.”

Kreston Reeves has worked with Ecologi for four years and in 2021 achieved carbon neutrality. It is a significant milestone achieved by offsetting 1,616 tonnes of emissions through the purchase and retirement of carbon credits in support of carbon avoidance projects. Its impact on the environment and communities where it works is part of the firm’s purpose – to guide our clients, colleagues and communities to a brighter future.

Both Kreston Reeves and Ecologi are certified B Corps, balancing profit with purpose.